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Mod Challenge for you! Favorite Marching Band Memory

Ok, so here it goes.

I'd like to see this community get more active. I'm so excited that people are still actively a part of it as shown by romeoslove.

Since the fall is coming up, I'd like to create more buzz here.

I'd like for you to do one post (or more!) of your favorite marching band memory. Try to make it so the title says something along the lines of "My Favorite Marching Band Memory" and write a post about your favorite memory in it! If you have more than 1 favorite memory, make more than 1 post. If your memory includes a picture, feel free to include it! (It has to be a PG rated picture though! ;) )

Easy enough right?

I'm excited to see what you guys have! And if you are new to marching band this year, I hope you make many awesome memories!!


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