Jessica (krystalily) wrote in marchingband,

Mod Update!

Cause we had so few Favorite Memories submitted, I'd like to keep this challenge going for this weekend. Feel free to keep doing the Best Section challenge! We've gotten some really good submissions for it!! The challenges will typically go for a week and then a new challenge will be issued.

For members submitting: Don't forget to title your post with what the challenge is! Because "Best Section" was introduced later in the week as it came to me, it will run until Tuesday night but "Favorite Memory" will only run for a couple more days ending on Saturday night. Saturday morning I will post asking for you guys to submit what our next challenge should be for our members to participate in. (It HAS to be marching band specific!) Sunday morning I will post a poll asking for members to vote in it. Whatever suggestion has the highest vote will be the new challenge for the week.

Thanks for posting here in the community guys! I would absolutely love to see pictures and posts on what your band is doing now that the marching season is upon us! The challenges are just a way to bring some posts back in the community and it is a fun thing for us to do to keep us involved. :)
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